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Articulated Helgi- Hellgrammite Larva Using Cohen's Creatures, Live 4 Fly Fishing Hare Blend, Flymen Evolution Beadhead and Deer Creek UV Flex Resin

Posted by Dave Hise on

Of all the fly patterns bouncing around the interwebs, we rarely see any aimed specifically at representing an important food source to various freshwater species found throughout the Americas, Asia and Africa, the hellgrammite or dobsonfly. These giant Megalopterans are from the Corydalidae family and are voracious, aquatic insectivores. That's correct! They are generalist predators that prey on many of the mayflies, stoneflies, caddisflies and midges that fly tyers aim to represent at their vises. You know, those little bugs that can often be difficult to see.

Photo courtesy of What's That Bug?

That is one heck of a morsel for our fishy friends. TROUT AND SMALLMOUTH LOVE THEM. Sure we can use a woolly bugger to represent the larva but why not use a better representation. Super tyer, Pat Cohen, has given us a medium to create such a pattern. Cohen's Creatures is a collection of synthetic chamois cut-outs that represent a multitude of body parts from various critters like crawfish and frogs. Enough BS'ing. Here you go.

Cut the Cohen's Creature- Hellgrammite where the thorax and abdomen meet.

Thread the abdominal portion of the Creature onto the hook.

Apply a thread base from the eye to the bend of the hook.

The colors vary dramatically but the brown olive L4FF Hare Blend is a good place to start.

Create a dubbing ball.

Apply several wraps of thread to secure the rear segment in place.

Create another dubbing ball.

Secure the next segment in place with several more thread wraps.

Create another dubbing ball to create the next segment.

Secure the next segment in place with a few wraps of thread.

Create the last dubbing ball for the abdominal section.

Secure the last segment in place with a few more wraps of thread.

Mark the abdominal section to your liking.

No need to explain.

Apply one coat of the UV Resin on top of each segment.

Add another coat of UV Resin to accentuate the segmentation.

Wire for the junction between the back and front hook.

Place the Evolution Bead and apply a thread base (never knew I was a rapper did you).

Pass the wire through the eye of the rear hook and secure in place on the front hook.

Secure a bit of lead wire on the bottom of the hook shank to ensure that the fly rides properly.

More of the same L4FF Hare Blend to help create the thorax.

Start with another dubbing ball just in front of the bend of the hook.

Secure the front section of the Helgi Creature with several wraps of thread.

Im missing a photo but create another dubbing ball and secure the next segment in place.

And again. Thank you sir may I have another.

Lets get ready to mark.

Superglue to the head to the bead.

Repeat with the UV Resin and create the front 4 segments. VIOLA!

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