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Explore the world of precision and innovation with SMHAEN Fly Tying Tools. Elevate your fly tying experience with our exceptional range of meticulously crafted tools. Whether you're a seasoned fly-tier or just starting out, SMHAEN's quality and precision will help you create flawless, lifelike flies that entice even the wariest fish. Discover the art of fly tying like never before with SMHAEN's tools – your key to success on the water.
  • Fly tying scissors: The only fly tying scissor with a unique color system
  • Fly tying bobbin: A blue midge size bobbin for smaller flies
  • Bobbin holder classic: A modern, ergonomic, and lightweight bobbin holder
  • Bobbin holder pro: A micro adjustable-tension bobbin
Other SMHAEN products include: 
  • SMHAEN CLASSIC Midge Bobbin Holder
  • SMHAEN CLASSIC Regular Bobbin Holder
  • SMHAEN Master Dubbing Twister
  • SMHAEN PRO Midge Bobbin Holder