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Trout Line Catgut/Flymen Fishing Company Nymph Head Evolution Beadheads Step By Step

Posted by Dave Hise on

Flymen Nymph Head Evolution Beadheads
Size 12 Daiichi 1120 Scud Hook and Nymph Head Bead
Secure 2 bobbins; one around the bend of the hook and 1 behind the bead
Secure a strand of Trout Line Catgut the length of the hook
Catgut secure
Wind the Catgut forward and secure behind the Nymph Head
Pick your dubbing of choice (I like SLF for this application)
Create a fine dubbing cord and palmer it through the spaces in the segmentation
Advance the dubbing cord to just behind the bead
Choose your Hare'e Wiggle Dub (I like the golden brown)
Pull out 3 strands of the fine rubber from the Hare'e Wiggle Dub
Double the rubber around the thread and secure in place at the throat
Create another dubbing cord with the Hare'e Dub and fill the space behind the bead
Whip finish
Complete! Just add water