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The 5 Biggest Trout and the 5 Top Fly Patterns That May Have Tricked Them.

Posted by Dave Hise on

2015 has been a great year of trout fishing in southwestern Virginia thus far. The waters I frequent with my anglers have produced a few good fish through the years but this year has been abnormally off the chain. Is it the lack of angling pressure, superb management, wetter than usual winter or a combination of all of these factors? Who cares. We are consistently netting fish that are arguably some of  the largest trout being caught in the southeast/mid-Atlantic United States. Goliath hold-over fish that are flourishing in a massive spring creek with an absurd bio-mass. They are obviously at the top of the food chain. Jurassic Spring is alive and well! Book your day for a chance of a gator of a lifetime. Orvis Endorsed Guide, Dave Hise.

Dr. Joe w/ a gator. Look at that head.
Bryan w/ a hog.

Bryan w/ another.
Yours truly w/ an arse whooper.
Matt w/ a beaut.
I know, I said 5 but couldn't pick so here's a 6th. Glenn looking stoic.
Enough with the fish. Below are the flies that have produced the most fish; day in and day out, year in and year out. Why change it if its not broken? Tying is a great past time and I love to create at the bench but when it comes to the stream, simplicity is often best.
Squirmito- the Original Squirmy Wormie
Mopchu Picchu
Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It. The number 1 big fish producer in any condition.
Circa 1991. The Hetero-genius Nymph.
Epeorus Stoneclinger Nympf.
Squirmito Cluster.
Mopchu doing work.