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Step By Step Wiggler Variant Fly Pattern

Posted by Dave Hise on

This is a simple Step By Step of the Wiggler Variant. The Wiggler Variant is a tried and true burrowing mayfly/small minnow imitation that is excellent for trout, steelhead, carp and/or bass, It is simple and quick so give it a try.

A perfect hook for the biggest, strongest fish- Daiichi 1530
Create a thread base and end up at the bend of the hook
Select 2 or 3 Grizzly Marabou feathers for the tail and back
Secure the Grizzly Marabou Feathers in place at the bend with tight pinch wraps
Secured in place and make a funny face
Ice Dub (UV lt. yellow is a favorite) rules for certain applications and nymphs are one of these
Create an Ice Dub thread cord 
OOPS! Forgot to tie in Bead Chain Eyes
Advance your dubbing cord to behind the eyes
Lay down the butt ends of the Grizzly Marabou to behind the Bead Chain Eyes
Mix a clump of Hare'e Ice Dub (golden brown) and Krystal Dub (hare's ear)
Create dubbing cord and wrap behind, criss-cross between and in front of the eyes
Whip finish
Brush out head and underbody with a dubing brush or pick
Clean around the eye with one of the coolest fly tying tools around, the Cautery
Coat the head with Deer Creek UV Resin (its actually tack free)
Cure the Deer Creek UV Resin with the Deer Creek Pro Torch