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UNI Big Fly Thread


Product Description

UNI Big Fly Thread was designed specifically for big saltwater flies, musky lures, bass bugs and other tying applications where a very strong, non-stretch, easily handled thread is necessary. Same polyester material as UNI 3/0, 6/0 and 8/0 Uni Threads, so it won't dull fly-tying scissors. Uni Big Fly is 4 times stronger than a 6/0 thread and four times bigger. 400 Denier. Non slippery and untwists quickly for flat-thread applications.

UNI Big Fly Thread is a specialized thread designed for tying large and robust fly patterns, particularly streamers, bass bugs, and other sizeable flies used in fly fishing. Here's a description of UNI Big Fly Thread:

UNI Big Fly Thread is a heavy-duty thread explicitly crafted for the creation of substantial and bulky flies. This thread is a favorite among fly tiers who specialize in larger fly patterns designed to entice larger game fish.

Key features of UNI Big Fly Thread include:

  1. Strong and Durable: UNI Big Fly Thread is known for its exceptional strength, allowing you to secure and build substantial bodies for larger flies. It can withstand the tension required to tie complex patterns with confidence.

  2. Heavyweight Thread: This thread is significantly thicker and more robust compared to standard fly tying threads. It's designed to handle the materials and bulk associated with larger fly patterns, such as deer hair, feathers, and other substantial materials.

  3. Low Stretch: UNI thread features low stretch properties, ensuring that your wraps stay in place, maintaining tension and providing solid and secure tying.

  4. Smooth Texture: The thread's smooth texture assists in preventing snags and provides an even, consistent wrapping experience, even when dealing with heavy materials.

  5. Versatile Color Range: UNI offers a range of thread colors, allowing you to select the perfect shade to match the specific coloration or imitation of the target species you're pursuing.

  6. Ideal for Streamers and Bass Bugs: UNI Big Fly Thread is particularly well-suited for tying large streamers, bass bugs, saltwater flies, and other substantial patterns used to target larger game fish species.

Whether you're tying flies for pursuing trophy bass, pike, muskie, or saltwater species, UNI Big Fly Thread is the go-to choice for creating strong and durable fly patterns that can withstand the rigors of challenging fishing conditions. Its heavy-duty construction and low stretch properties make it an invaluable tool for fly tiers who specialize in larger, more substantial fly creations.

Breaking strength is 100 ounces. 80 yard spools.


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