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UNI 6/0 Waxed Fly Tying Thread


Product Description

UNI 6/0 Waxed Fly Tying Thread 

6/0 UNI Thread is a general fly-tying thread of continuous polyester filaments- 135 denier. Good for big drys, nymphs and streamers that require tying in multiple materials.

Uni 6/0 is a type of fly tying thread used by anglers to tie flies for fly fishing. In fly tying, the "6/0" refers to the thread's denier, which is a measurement of thread thickness and strength. In this case, 6/0 is relatively fine and lightweight, making it suitable for tying smaller and more delicate fly patterns.

Fly tying threads come in various deniers, with higher denier numbers indicating thicker and stronger threads. For example, 6/0 is lighter than 3/0, and 3/0 is lighter than 0/ (zero aught).

Fly tying threads serve as the foundation for building a fly pattern, and they are used to secure various materials like feathers, fur, and synthetics to create the shape and appearance of the fly. The choice of thread denier depends on the size of the fly you're tying and the materials you'll be working with. Lighter denier threads like 6/0 are commonly used for small dry flies, while heavier denier threads are used for larger and more robust patterns.

6/0 UNI Thread comes 200-yard spools. UNI's exclusive waxing process produces a thin coating to reduce that annoying build-up of wax in your bobbin tube. Breaking strength is 33 ounces.

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  1. Great Thread 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Aug 2019

    Great selection of colors, great thread to work with.

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