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Whiting Farms Genetic Hackle Is NICE- Articulated Coffin Fly Spinner SBS

Posted by Dave Hise on
Create a thread base on a 4XLong Straight Eye Hook, like a Daiichi 1750
Moose Body
Secure a small clump at the rear of the hook (I think thats a reflection on my nose :-)
Secure a Whiting Farms Saddle Feather
Grab a clump of Deer Body
Use a Hair Stacker to even out a clump of Deer Body
Pinch clump to prepare for tie in
Pinch wrap the clump in place at the bend of the hook
Palmer the thread forward through the Deer Body to create a segmented body
Clip the fibers at the eye and make a funny face
Palmer the Saddle Hackle forward within each segmentation, tie off and add a small drop of Deer Creek UV Resin
Cure the Deer Creek UV Resin with the Deer Creek Pro Torch
Prepare the junction with Mono (remember, at some point we're cutting the hook point off of the rear hook)
Insert the forward hook into the vise jaws (straight eye style)
Create a thread base on the front hook
Pass a length of Monofilament through the eye of the rear hook, double it over and secure it along the shank of the front hook
Tie in a clump of Prime CDC Feathers (a combination of 4 to 5 black and natural dun)
Add another clump of CDC to the opposite side (a combination of 4 to 5 black and natural dun)

Advance the thread to the rear of the front hook; select a Whiting Neck Hackle Feather
Secure the Whiting Neck Hackle in place at the bend; grab a patch of Deer Belly Hair
Select a clump from the patch of Deer Body Hair and use the hair evener to even the clump
Secure the Deer Belly clump in place at the rear of the front hook, leaving the tips as a small tail that overlies the hook junction
Create a dubbing thread cord with Superfine Dry Dubbing and wind it behind, around and in front of the CDC wings
Palmer the Whiting Farms Neck Hackle and secure behind the eye; trim away the top fibers before laying the Deer Body clump over the top and to the eye; keep the bobbin near the eye of the hook
Lay the Deer Belly clump forward and secure it on top the hook to the aft of the hook eye, whip finish, then trim away the excess
Apply a small glob of Deer Creek UV Resin and cure it to lock everything in place at the eye
IPA Time

Most of us are familiar with articulated nymphs and streamers but very few dry flies incorporate this technique. It provides added realism and movement to any dry fly as it does to nymphs and streamers. Im not sure of the exact history of articulations in flies but Carl Richards and Doug Swisher had a way of  "articulating things" close to 50 years ago. Try it!