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  • UNI Flexx
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Product Description

UNI Flexx is another great product from UNI Products. Great for bodies, legs, and tails on a multitude of patterns.

Flexx is a versatile and resilient material designed for fly tying, prized for its ability to add lifelike movement and vibrant color to a variety of fly patterns. Here's a concise description:

Uni-Flexx is a premium synthetic material renowned for its flexibility and dynamic properties in the world of fly tying. Comprising stretchable and durable fibers, Uni-Flexx is a popular choice for creating realistic and enticing fly patterns, especially those intended to mimic aquatic insects, nymphs, and other prey.

One of the standout features of Uni-Flexx is its ability to undulate and move naturally in the water, closely resembling the lifelike motion of insects and small baitfish. This makes it an excellent choice for adding subtle yet effective movement to your flies, enticing the interest of various fish species.

Fly tyers appreciate Uni-Flexx for its versatility, allowing it to be used in a variety of patterns, including nymphs, streamers, and wet flies. Its wide range of available colors enables fly enthusiasts to customize their creations to match specific insects or trigger specific feeding behaviors.

Uni-Flexx is easy to work with, making it suitable for both novice and experienced fly tyers. Its durability ensures that your flies maintain their effectiveness even after repeated use. Elevate your fly patterns with the lifelike movement and vibrant colors of Uni-Flexx, and enhance your success on the water with flies that exhibit a natural and irresistible appearance.

UNI Flexx is a fine, flat elastic strand. It can be used for rubber legs and skirts. Some like it as a floss replacement because it is much easier to handle. You may also use it for bodies on small nymphs, larva, and pupa. The stretch permits the material to be laid on the hook with a variety of tensions, thus reducing or avoiding slippage. In many cases it is not the stretch which is most important, rather the texture and stiffness and availability in a variety of vibrant colors. Moreover, the material retains the original color when wet. As usual, uses are only limited by the tier's imagination. 1680 Denier. 15 yard spool.

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