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  • Spirit River UV2 Enhancer Dubbing UV Dubbing Enhancer (Light and Dark)
  • Spirit River UV2 Enhancer Dubbing UV Seal-X Enhancer (Dark and Light)

Spirit River UV2 Enhancer Dubbing


Product Description

Spirit River UV2 Enhancer Dubbing is what Spirit River mixed with other dubbing to create UV2 enhanced dubbing. You can make your own UV2 dubbing by mixing these enhancers with your favorite or not so favorite dubbing. We suggest you use the light enhancers to mix with light colored dubbing and the dark enhancers to mix with dark colored dubbing.

The idea is not to alter the color of your primary dubbing but rather just to add a touch of multi-colored reflecting Spirit River UV2 Enhancer Dubbing to get the UV effect.

4 to 6 core colors are dyed UVF and 4 to 6 colors are dyed UVR for the double dye process. Then, these are mixed together to create a batch of 100 % UV2. The Seal-X Enhancer is made from Seal-X Dubbing. The difference between the 3 is the denier of the dubbing used. Enhancer is the finest and is for dry flies and Seal-X is the coarsest.

What is UV2 Technology?s

It is a double dye process to give all of their UV2 materials and flies added UVF/UVR ultraviolet wavelengths. UV Florescence is used on everything from street signs to fly tying materials. UV Reflectance on the other hand is a spectrum of wavelengths humans cannot visually see; yet it is extremely common in the animal and insect world. UVR allows mayflies to find mates, and bees to find flowers. Fish can see it, and they love it. UV materials and flies are becoming much more popular within the fly-fishing world because of the success they bring while on the water.

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