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  • Hareline Hen Necks & Saddles (Necks)
  • Hareline Hen Necks & Saddles (Saddles)
  • Hareline Hen Necks & Saddles Medium Dun, Cape Only

Hareline Hen Necks & Saddles


Product Description

Hareline Hen Necks & Saddles 

These are great for a multitude of uses; poppers, bass flies, and large nymphs and wet flies. Very soft, webby fibers. Some of the tips of Hen Neck feathers are perfect for split wings on dry flies and throats on nymphs.

  1. Hen Necks: Hen necks provide soft, webby feathers that are often used for tying wet flies, soft hackles, and nymphs. The feathers from the neck area of a hen are typically smaller and softer than those from other parts of the bird.

  2. Hen Saddles: Hen saddles are patches of feathers from the back of the hen near the tail. These feathers are larger and can be used for a variety of fly patterns, including streamers and larger nymphs. They often have a more pronounced taper, making them suitable for different styles of flies.

Both hen necks and saddles come in a range of colors and grades, allowing fly tyers to choose feathers that suit their specific needs. The softness and webbiness of hen feathers make them particularly useful for creating realistic and mobile fly patterns that mimic the movement of natural insects in the water.

When selecting hen necks or saddles, consider the size, color, and quality of the feathers. Different feathers are suitable for different types of flies, so having a variety of sizes and colors can be beneficial for tying a diverse range of patterns. Additionally, the grade of the feathers can affect their quality and suitability for certain fly tying applications. Higher-grade feathers often have fewer imperfections and better coloration.

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