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Orvis Mirage Fly Reel

The Orvis Mirage Fly Reel offers superb performance for a mid-high priced fly reel putting it in a class by itself. I've had the opportunity to use this reel in numerous sizes and circumstances; from Christmas Island for giant trevally to Michigan for chrome to Montana for big river trout. The environments were quite different [...]

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Orvis Helios 2 One Piece Fly Rod Overview

  The "long rod" trend in fly fishing is now being over-shadowed, somewhat, by the "1 piece rod" trend. Well not really, but in big game situations 1 piece fly rods are highly sought after. Fly Rod manufacturers are concentrating some of their efforts on building tapers for one piece fly rods. Why are the [...]

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Orvis Recon Fly Rod Review

The Orvis rod designers have been at it again. Among others, the Recon is the latest creation. I have been fortunate, over the years, to be one of the Field Test Staff for the Orvis Company. Its like Christmas when unexpected parcels show up at the shop. When I received the 9' 5wt. Recon Fly [...]

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Hot Fly for Fall Trout

Hetero-genius NymphsThe hetero-genius nymph pattern provides a realistic design with a hint of flash and color.I have fished this nymph pattern, religiously, since the early 90's and it has fooled trout in a multitude of streams throughout the world. Skeptics say it slays the "stockers", which is true. However, I've had testimonials from anglers who have used it [...]

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Squirmito - The Original Squirmy Wormy

Its been a 3 year blog hiatus for me (I suck at writing and blogging but here we go again). Ill try to at least post something useful every once in a while.Squirmito. Fly of the Year? It has hit a new low but I love it. Squirmito has taken off like a bottle rocket. [...]

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Burrowing Mayfly Nymph Pattern- Daiichi 1870, Flymen Evolution Tungsten Beads, Virtual Nymph Skin, Deer Creek UV Flex Resin

Natural Burrowing Mayfly Nymph Daiichi 1870 Larva HookFlymen Nymph Head Evolution Beads (Swimmer/Burrower) Size LargeThread the Evolution Bead onto the hookApply a thread base behind the hook eyeSelect 2 Goose Biots for the antennaeSecure a biot on the top and bottom of the hook eyeSelect some Rubber Legs which will create the tusksSecure 2 tusks in [...]

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Abel Zinger and Abel Nipper- The Best of the Best in Streamside Fly Fishing Tools

Have you grown tired of having to purchase a new zinger and/or nipper once, twice or even three times a year? How many of you have lost your zinger and nipper combo due to a faulty clip or pin? Or, better yet, who of you have had to purchase a new nipper after half a [...]

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SBS Hise's Nympho-minnow-ac Variation- Virtual Nymph Nymph Skin, Daiichi Hooks, Hareline Barred Ostrich Plumes and various SotherFeathers and Flymen Nymph Head Evolution Beadheads

Daiichi 1850 Flat Eye Streamer (or similar)Hareline Barred Ostrich PlumeColor and secure 2 or 3 plumes in place at the rear of the hookVirtual Nymph Nymph SkinCut one end to a angle and secure in place at the rear of the hookWind Nymph Skin forward to behind the hook eye and secure in placeSecure in [...]

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