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  • 8/0 Veevus Tying Thread
  • 8/0 Veevus Tying Thread  Black
  • 8/0 Veevus Tying Thread White
  • 8/0 Veevus Tying Thread Rusty Brown
  • 8/0 Veevus Tying Thread Red
  • 8/0 Veevus Tying Thread Pink
  • 8/0 Veevus Tying Thread Orange
  • 8/0 Veevus Tying Thread Lt. Cahill
  • 8/0 Veevus Tying Thread Tan
  • 8/0 Veevus Tying Thread Olive
  • 8/0 Veevus Tying Thread Flo Yellow Chartreuse
  • 8/0 Veevus Tying Thread Flo Orange
  • 8/0 Veevus Tying Thread Flo Green
  • 8/0 Veevus Tying Thread Chocolate Brown
  • 8/0 Veevus Tying Thread Blood Red
  • 8/0 Veevus Tying Thread Claret

8/0 Veevus Tying Thread


Product Description

8/0 Veevus Tying Thread

Veevus 8/0 thread is a fine and lightweight thread designed specifically for fly tying applications. This thread has gained a strong reputation among fly tiers for its exceptional characteristics that make it an excellent choice for a wide range of fly patterns.

Key features of Veevus 8/0 thread include:

  1. Fine and Lightweight: Veevus 8/0 thread is exceptionally thin and lightweight, making it ideal for delicate and precise wraps. This fine diameter allows fly tiers to create small and intricate fly patterns without adding unnecessary bulk.

  2. High Strength: Despite its fine diameter, Veevus 8/0 thread is known for its impressive strength. This strength is crucial for ensuring that your flies remain durable and reliable when targeting various fish species.

  3. Low Stretch: The thread exhibits minimal stretch properties, which means your wraps will stay in place and maintain tension, resulting in neat and secure fly patterns.

  4. Smooth Texture: Veevus thread is recognized for its smooth and consistent texture, which helps prevent snags and enables seamless wrapping during the tying process.

  5. Versatile Color Options: Veevus offers a range of colors, allowing you to choose the perfect thread shade to match the specific fly pattern or mimic natural insect colors effectively.

  6. Durability: Veevus 8/0 thread is built to last, ensuring that your fly patterns remain intact even under the rigors of fishing.

Whether you're tying small dry flies, nymphs, or any other intricate patterns, Veevus 8/0 thread is a trusted choice for achieving professional-quality results. Its fine diameter and high strength make it an indispensable tool for both experienced fly tiers and beginners. With Veevus 8/0 thread, you can create lifelike and effective flies that will help you succeed on the water, making it an essential addition to your fly tying materials.

Thread Breaking Strength Comparison:
Danville 6/0 = around 450g
Gudebrod 6/0 = around 920g
UNI 6/0 = around 930g
Veevus 6/0 = above 1kg

UNI 8/0 = around 450g
Gudebrod 8/0 = around 450g
UTC 140 = around 935g
Veevus 8/0 = above 1kg

Gudebrod 10/0 = around 270g
UTC 70 = around 453g
Benecchi 10/0 = around 680g
Veevus 10/0 = around 800g

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