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  • Skip's Original TOSI Strike Indicator
  • Jerk Alert in Low Light White

Skip's Original TOSI Strike Indicator


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Skip's Original TOSI Strike Indicator- The traditional TURN-ON Strike Indicator has been responsible for about A LOT of fish caught for anglers around the world and is the handiest strike indicator on the market - at least a bunch of anglers think so. The new, redesigned TOSI is pioneered exclusively by Skip's Originals. Six years of research and many hours on the stream has resulted in one of the most remarkable strike Indicators you will ever fish. Large:  7/16" diameter, 3/4" long in low light white but other sizes and colors are available upon request. Made in the USA.

So what is so special about this new model?
1. 35% less dense than the Original Turn-On!
2. Slightly larger in diameter for more visibility!
3. Floats higher! Stays where you put it or slides
on demand!
4. More secure on the leader
5. Ends of tab are recessed
 Comes unassembled to protect integrity of
the tab and let you combine halves for
different colors, solid or bi-vis!
7. Subdued colors will not spook fish!
8. Aerodynamic - so easy to cast!

TOSI's have a number of ways they can be installed depending on the fishing style.  The most common is to
place the leader in the side slit.  Next, pull the two halves slightly apart, then hold one end in its original position 
while rotating the other end around the leader.  Unlike the original Turn-On, the new TOSI can be installed using 
either half as the rotating half and can be rotated in either direction.  

One full turn is all that's needed for use high on the leader butt;  2 or 3 full rotations and they won't slip on the 
finest tippet.  Less is better than more, so do as few rotations as needed.  Please note that each rotation must 
be a full 360 degrees for this NEW Turn-On to work properly.  The old Turn-On can be rotated halfway.

When the TOSI has been rotated only one full turn and the leader is wet, it can be moved to a new position, using 
fingers to slide it up or down the leader.  NOTE:  It will slide on a dry leader, but it's easier on the rubber tab if it's 
These fishing styles require very long, fine leaders which make landing a fish difficult if the strike indicator won't 
slip on the leader.  To facilitate this, rotate the old Turn-ON or NEW TOSI only one full turn.  It will stay where it's 
put while fishing.  When bringing in the fish, the indicator will slip as it gets reeled up against the top guide on 
the rod allowing the fish to be pulled in close for netting.


It is sometimes desirable to make sure your indicator is there to stay - no 
matter what!  Place the leader in the side slit and carefully move it around 
the ends of the rubber tab so the leader rests between the tab and the 
back side (away from the slit) of the Turn-On.  Now rotate the halves one 
turn if it needs to slip on the leader while landing a fish or to change 
positions; or up to three turns to hold it in place.  Fewer turns is better.  
This will insure that the indicator stays on the leader, even while slapping 
the rock snot off after each cast.
Just like the original Turn-On, the New TOSI:
  • Is incredibly easy to install
  • Is re-usable, again and again
  • No fly or weight removal ever needed
  • Easy to reposition on the leader without removal from 
    the leader
  • Causes no leader damage or kink
  • Can be set up on the leader to allow them to slide 
    down the leader for easy fish retrieval from a float 
    tube.  They are the ONLY indicator on the market 
    that will do this.


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